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Practical guides

Mentee’s Guide
Is mentoring right for you? How and where do you find a mentor? How do you approach one? How can a mentor help you with your project? Consult our Mentee’s Guide to find out all you need to know and get off to a good start!


Pssst: Don’t forget to register, and consult the online mentoring database. All mentors registered there are already interested in lending a helping hand. It makes things that much easier!


List of scientific establishments where you are likely to find a mentor
We really want you to have as much help as you can get: this document provides a list of establishments where you may be able to find a mentor.


Sample cover letter for addressing a potential mentor
Think you’ve found THE mentor? Be as professional as you can! Use our sample cover letter to ask him or her for your support.


Teacher’s Guide
Why does my student need a mentor? How can I help him or her find a mentor, and also help with his or her Science Fair project? Why is it important to have a mentor certain types of project? Find the answers in our Teacher’s Guide.


Mentor’s Guide
Is being a mentor right for you? How much time should you devote to mentoring a student? Should you provide advice in person or simply by e-mail? What are your responsibilities, exactly?


To understand your involvement and your role properly, read the Mentor’s Guide.


Interesting in becoming a mentor? Register for our online mentoring database. Students will be able to view your profile and quickly see whether you can help with their project.

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