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Rules and forms


***Important: Please note that the Provincial Ethics Committee processing delay is 5 business days.***



Any scientist, whether experienced professional or student, must follow strict safety standards and specific operating rules in his or her work.


The Science Fair Rules are designed primarily to ensure your safety and that of the public.


Failure to comply with the Science Fair Rules can lead to disqualification of the exhibitor(s). It is therefore essential that you read them carefully! The 2018 Science Fair Rules will be available soon.






Form A – Contribution from a Recognized Institution

Any project conducted in a recognized institution must have this form completed by the scientific supervisor. This completed form must be submitted to the Réseau Technoscience provincial ethics committee  Network to receive approval.


BEFORE the start of the experiment for a project involving the participation of human subjects, Form A duly completed, must be submitted to the Réseau Technoscience provincial ethics committee to receive its approval before initiating the experimentation.


When registering online, Form A duly completed, must be uploaded to the online registration system.


Form B – Free and individual consent – Project requiring particiaption of human subjects

For projects that require persons to participate on an individual basis, for example by means of surveys or behavioural studies, the exhibitor must first obtain each participant’s free and informed consent. Form B is mandatory
All such forms, duly completed, must be kept in a ringed binder, which must be made available for the rules verification during booth set-up.

Form C – Projects Entered for a Second Year 

In the event an exhibitor wishes to display the same project for a second year, he must comply the Form C.


Form D – Juvenile - Contribution from a Recognized Institution

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