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“Saluons notre relève” award

A new award presented by the former exhibitors

A new award has been created for 2012 to acknowledge students’ participation and to honour the latest generation of Science Fair exhibitors. This prize has been awarded for the first time at the Super Expo-sciences Hydro-Québec, 2012 Québec Final, and is presented on behalf of the community of former Science Fair participants.


As a former exhibitor, you, more than anyone, recognize the effort and determination that is required to participate in a Science Fair, and all the more so the Québec Final. This kind of commitment reflects a passion that deserves to be recognized.


► A $500 cash prize is awarded at random to one of the 100 projects being exhibited at the Super Expo-sciences Hydro-Québec, Québec Final. The award is split in two in the case of a duo project.


2017 Winners

Léane Thibeault
Sabrina Fortin

Project: Une image vaut mille mots

2016 Winner

Alexanne Léveillé

Project : Ça gèle


2015 Winner

Steven Desrochers

Project : Les effets de la plongée


Consult the winner fact sheet


2014 Winners

Anna-Lee Paquin

Timothy Boisvert

Project : L'essence écologique


Consult the winner fact sheet

2013 Winners

Nicolas Gagnon

Marc-André Champigny

Project : V-Antibactérien


Consult the winner fact sheet

2012 Winner

Yassine Bouanane

Project : Soleil, où es-tu?


Consult the winner fact sheet

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