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Former exhibitors


Have you already been an exhibitor?

Keep in touch, become a member of Science Fairs Alumni Community, supported by Merck! Whitch ever stage you we at, you are part of the family! Register today and be kept up to date on the latest Science Fair developments and all upcoming events.


Did you know that Québec’s Science Fairs celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2010? As a former exhibitor, you are a member of a community of 350,000 people who have presented Science Fair projects in the past, whether at their school, at a regional final or at the Québec Final.


Former exhibitors newsletter (in french only)


Contact us

Do you have any questions regarding your membership in the community of former Science Fair exhibitors?
Contact us at 514 252-3027 or by e-mail at


Here is where you will find testimonials by former exhibitors and winners: explore how the Science Fair can be an enriching, unforgettable life experience for many people.

A career as Science Fair exhibitors!

Estelle and Martine Simon, as well as Camille Salvas, who exhibited projects for several years in a row, talk about their experiences and what they liked about the Science Fairs (in French).

Profiles of winners

Read profiles of 30 winners for whom their Science Fair project was a determining factor in their choice of career. Through their personal stories, you’ll learn how the Science Fair movement has evolved in Québec (in French).

Science Fair ambassadors

As part of the 50th anniversary of Science Fairs in Québec, five honorary ambassadors were named on February 2, 2010, and asked to talk about their experience as exhibitors and describe what the Science Fairs have meant to them in their choice of career (in French):


Jean-Marc Malboeuf – 1960s
Michel Bourdages – 1970s
Martin d'Amours – 1980s
Yannick Bergeron – 1990s
Delphine Rémillard-Labrosse – 2000s


View video of the ambassadors’ testimonial

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