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International Science Fair

There are two international-level competitions open to young exhibitors from Québec:

MILSET International Science Fair

Each year, during the Super Expo-sciences Hydro-Québec, Québec Final, young exhibitors aged 15 and up are chosen to take part in the International Science Fair (ISF). The delegation is under the responsibility of the Réseau Technoscience.


The ISF is organized by the International Movement for Leisure Activities in Science and Technology (MILSET). It is held every two years, and attracts hundreds of young exhibitors from Europe, Asia, North America and South America.


The International Science Fair is not a competition in and of itself, but a fertile ground for discussion and exchange that emphasizes an open attitude toward science and other cultures.


2018 edition

The next International Science Fair will take place from September 22nd to 28th in Abu Dhabi, United Arabs Emirates.

M. Nathalie Beaudry, Réseau Technoscience president with the exhibitors selected during the 2016 Hydro-Québec Super Expo-sciences, Québec Final to particpate in the MILSET Expo-science International 2017. (from left to right: Nathalie Beaudry, Thomas Ribeiro, Willliam Harvey, and William Gadoury)


The Quebec delegation at the 2015 MILSET in Brussels, Belgium

Team Canada – Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF)

Logo Intel ISEFEach year, Youth Science Canada chooses projects by a dozen or so exhibitors who will make up Team Canada, representing the country at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).


Close to 1,500 young people from 50 countries take part in this international final, held annually in the U.S., with hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes to be handed out.


Secondary III, IV and V students can submit projects. Note that all former exhibitors in the Canada-Wide Science Fair or who have previously taken part in the Intel ISEF receive a personalized e-mail invitation to register.


Candidate selection takes place in March, and Youth Science Canada then handles co-ordination of the Canadian delegation to the Intel ISEF.


Note that students who have already taken part in the Intel ISEF are unfortunately ineligible for the Canada-Wide Science Fair. They are, however, eligible to take part in the MILSET International Science Fair.


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