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About us

Québec’s Expo-sciences (Science Fairs) are organized by the Réseau Technoscience, and its nine regional affiliates as well as the Educational Alliance for Science & Technology (EAST).


The 13 Science Fair regional finals are organized by the regional affiliates of the Réseau Technoscience. EAST is responsible for organizing the Montréal Regional Science and Technology Fair, the Science Fair for English-speaking students in Greater Montréal (including the Lanaudière, Laurentides, Laval, Montérégie and Montréal regions).


The Super Expo-sciences Hydro-Québec, Québec Final, is organized by the Réseau Technoscience, which is also responsible for the delegations representing Québec at the Canada-Wide Science Fair and the MILSET International Science Fair.


In every one of Québec’s regions, the Reseau Technoscience affiliates produce the Science Fair along with the Défi génie inventif and the Junior Tech Challenge, and co-ordinate facilitation activities for the Club des Débrouillards. Other projects specific to different regions are also organized all across Québec.


For information on how to regional organization affilliated with the Réseau Technoscience, please go to To reach us section.


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